Classified as "Hotel de Charme", the Odjo d'Agua was inaugurated in March 1999. Built on a small promontory where the lighthouse stands Vera Cruz, has much of its structure implemented on the sea, Others What makes the balcony of the restaurant one of the most sought after places on the island, where customers can enjoy the best views of the bay of Santa Maria.

Under the leadership of its director, a native of the island with a long career in the hotel, the Hotel has been growing so as to convey the real atmosphere Creole. With a calm atmosphere and the family Odjo Water offers its clients a wide range of quality services by allowing them the opportunity to relax, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of your environment.

A major objective of the Hotel is to promote fellowship is with the people of Cape Verde, ensuring thus that all of its customers


Enjoy a delicious trip Diving


Enjoy a massage by the Sea


Nightlife Cape Verde

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